Dental Spa

Spa Environment

Comfort and Relaxation

The first step is to make you relaxed and comfortable. From the comfortable environment in our reception area to the soothing environment we have created in our treatment rooms, no detail is too small when your comfort is concerned. Our caring, professional staff are committed to creating a stress-free environment for your comfort.

Other comforts

All of our treatment rooms feature headphones and television for your relaxation during your visit.

We also have comfortable pillows and blankets for you to use.

Does Your Dentist Need a Checkup? Here's what a top-notch dentist should be doing at least once a year, says Christine Dumas, DDS, consumer advisor for the American Dental Association and a practicing dentist in Marina Del Rey, CA.

  • Take a comprehensive dental and health history. Particularly if this is your first visit, the dentist should get a detailed health history, including any medications you may be taking.
  • Take x-rays. A first visit should include a full series of x-rays (16 to 18) that includes shots not only of decayed surfaces, but areas between teeth, beneath the gum line, and the jawbone. This provides a baseline upon which to compare your oral health in the years to come. If you've had a full series in the past, your dentist should still repeat it every two to three years.
  • Visually inspect for oral cancer. Your dentist should examine the inside of your mouth for unusual-looking lesions or sores, especially if you have a history of heavy tobacco or alcohol use.
  • Check jaw and bite alignment. He should check your jaw joints to see if you have a temporomandibular disorder and also make sure your bite position is correct.
  • Do a comprehensive periodontal exam. Your dentist should use a specially marked probe that he gently inserts into the gum to determine the depth of the gum pocket. Regular checks help your dentist monitor closely for signs of periodontal disease, today's biggest oral health threat.
  • Do a comprehensive tooth by tooth evaluation. If your dentist notices problem areas and recommends treatment, don't be afraid to ask for more information. Are other treatment options available? How do the options differ in cost? Which solution will last longest? Do all the options solve the problem? How much will this cost, and what are the payment options?
  • Clean your teeth. This is key for any checkup.